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Company profile

Dieckmann has been in existence as a family-run enterprise since 1957, with customers coming from all over the Germany.

The company was founded on 1 September 1957 by Herbert Dieckmann at Lampertheimer Strasse 7 in Hüttenfeld, Germany. Being a sub-contract turning facility has been our core competence right from the beginning. We soon began extending our range of machinery. That was the reason why, in August 1960, we moved into newly built premises at Lampertheimer Strasse 37, that provided a larger production area. This plant had to be extended a further three times between then and 1975. But as early as 1984 we had to build a new production shop at Heppenheimer Strasse 3.
On 1 August 1987, Joachim Dieckmann took over the running of the company.

Our enterprise changed its corporate form to become H.J. Dieckmann GmbH&Co.KG on 1 January 1992.

Production processes had been changing over the years in line with the continuous modernisation of machinery. We started out with traditional turning lathes and added an automated turning facility in 1970; then in 1990 came the change-over to CNC machines. In 2004 our workshop was extended, roughly doubling our production area to about 1,100 square metres (11,880 square feet).

On 1 January 2008, Andreas Dieckmann took over the running of the firm.

Another building with the space of 500 square metres , used as an office and warehouse, was completed in 2011.

Our “quality seal” from the very beginning has been the manifest satisfaction of our customers and, consequently, their decision to use our services time and time again. Our customers’ opinion is the result of the work done by all our employees, and it forms the basis of our company. We will only be ably to retain our customers’ loyalty in the long term if we master our processes and are able to efficiently produce quality goods in good cooperation with our suppliers.


We view the quality of our services as an ongoing chance to make them better and better.

Our team consists of 20 diligent and dedicated employees who have attained a high degree of professional competence due to our long experience in the business of automated turning and the perpetual qualification drive that has accompanied our firm’s history. Thus we are able to ensure long-standing and good relationships with our customers.

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